Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An email posting blog

This blog exists as a medium for all stakeholders in the BEd Honours at JCU to air views and opinions and suggestions that can contribute to enhancing the program through a process of continual improvement.

To make this an open blog that all participants can easily post to it has been set up as an email posting blog. To post directly to the blog just send an email message with a subject line (which will be the title of the post) and a message body (which will constitute the post itself) to coatepec.honours@blogger.com

Your message will post immediately. It can include hyperlinks, although no attachments. Posts can be as long or brief as you want to make the point you want to make. Where you want to provide a resource, simply upload the resource to a webspace and provide the URL.

If this proves a useful resource the blog will survive and thrive, and if not then it will just go to blog heaven with the majority of other starter blogs.

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